Arti Kata "Duile"

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#1. Duile  

Oh! My God! How (great, beautiful, amazing etc)!, How magnificent! how enjoyable! how embarassing! how uncommon!

Alternate spelling / expression:
Aduhilah, duillah, duilah, duilleh, duileh

a common compound word of Indonesian / Malay and Arabic word. From the words "Aduh" (a common exclamation that expresses bewilderment, amazement, wonder, pain, etc) and "Illah" (derived from the Arabic word "Illahi" which means "God")
Basically is the english equivalent to "Oh my!" or "my God!"

duile....mobil baru nihhh????

Aug 16, 2010 - Laporkan


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#2. Duile  

keren,cihuy,yahud,aseek banggedh dah!!

weitzz..tu boil beneran duile cing!!

Aug 16, 2010 - Laporkan