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#1. Qeme  

qeme dalam bahasa gaul anak-anak Manado berarti MAKAN

Woi gw mau qeme dulu yah....

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#2. Qeme  

to be bullied, to be told to do something that is usually disadvantageous and unpleasant to the do-er, but advantageous and interesting to the do-ee.

Alternate spelling / expression:

Originated from Pangudi Luhur High School, a predominant all-boys high school in the Brawijaya area of South Jakarta. This High school is notorious for its seniority concept, where seniors rule all and creates "castes" for his juniors based on the year the junior is in. Its seniority rule is absolute, and escaping from punishment from a senior may be taken as an offense towards the whole graduating year - i.e one student"s disobedience towards a senior means not only he will be punished, but his whole graduating year students will be punished as well. The school is also notorious for offences such as junior-torturing, bullying, discrimination, etc. Such school would be considered horrendous and avoidable in western standard (somewhat reminds people of the ghetto-esque school of Queens and Bronx in NYC); but surprisingly, this is an extremely popular school in Jakarta where kids seem to think that it is the epitome of cool-ness to be enrolled in this school.
The school seniors emphasizes extreme loyalty to the school, and any offences towards the seniors or the school in general is considered sacrelige and subject to heavy, sometimes inhumane punishments by the seniors that can last for the rest of the juniors" time in that high school. Juniors often feels terrorized and unequivocally scared of the seniors, therefore, the cycle of bullying repeats when the juniors become seniors - i.e to take "revenge" on his junior years being bullied by bullying his juniors.

The word "qeme" is coinned by student(s) in a graduating year of mid-80s to early 90s (it is unclear when exactly nor who first used the expression) to refer to any punishment given to the juniors in the form of pranks, "games", or torture methods.

Since Pangudi Luhur is such a popular high school in Jakarta, the term "qeme" became popular in such way that Jakartan teenagers start to use the phrase to describe any sort of bullying-based torture "games".

Pangudi Luhur High School remains until today, the very face of how terrible bullying is in Indonesia as an issue, so much so that other high schoolers start to model their bullying techniques after Pangudi Luhur"s.

In some ways, this school reflects how inappropriate and below-standard the handling of student well-being is in Indonesia by the authorities.

- "ngeme" = to perform prank games towards juniors / someone inferior
- "dikeme" / "diqeme" = being punished by being made to do unpleasant "games" or to do some unpleasant tasks.

hahahahahah.....kasian lo diqeme mlulu!!!

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