Arti Kata "Ramlan"

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#1. Ramlan  

Abbreviation of the term "Ramai Lancar" (literally means "crowded, but not congested"). a term that is used to describe the traffic situation of traffic-jam prone Jakarta.

The expression "ramai lancar" is first coined by one of the radio traffic reporter from Radio Sonora, one of Jakarta"s most established and prominent radio channel. During traffic report, ususally a correspondent is contacted by the radio news anchor via phone to describe the situation of specific road segment(s) in Jakarta that are usually problematic in nature (prone to traffic, etc.). When the road is not at all congested, the expression used is "lancar" (smooth); when the road is crowded by vehicles but not congested, the expression used is "ramai lancar" (crowded but not congested). Some other radio news corresopndent-esque traffic-related expressions are:

Padat Merayap = crowded / packed with vehicles and traffic is moving (lit. "creeping") slowly.

Macet Total = Totally congested (the traffic barely moves at all).

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#2. Ramlan  

Ramai Lancar
dipakai untuk jalanan yang ga macet

jarang dipake, kecuali oleh penyiar radio.
"Arteri ramlan, jadi ga usah khawatir"

Aug 16, 2010 - Laporkan